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19 Jul 2012

Joe Calderone, award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist, offers a diverse blend of rock, soft rock and adult contemporary in his collection of songs.

Bio: Joe Calderone, a native New Yorker presently living in Connecticut, has been writing and performing music for over thirty years.

As a self-schooled singer-songwriter Joe has had the opportunity to perform at various clubs and venues including four shows at the legendary CBGB's in New York City.

Joe won an Honor Award in the Great American Song Contest for his song, The Days of Loving You, and is a 5-time winner in the American Song Festival. In addition, THE BANG SONG was...

29 Jun 2012
Description: Singer-songwriter Lee Bryant has followed up his debut album with an impressive collection of songs swerving from rock to country with bits of Americana sprinkled throughout. If you like Jackson Browne or Tom Petty you will love this album.

Bio: Lee Bryant has been a fixture of the Tampa Bay area music scene for more than a decade. He has performed with various bands including: The Ditchflowers, Rich Whiteley Band, Earth Bombs Mars and Magnolia Creek. In 2008, Lee decided to pursue songwriting of his own and has since released two solo albums "Good Advice" and "Solstice."

The style could be described as...

21 Jun 2012
Description: MarKkii Notes is straddling the line of R&B/Rock with 'Love Infatuation' giving listeners something old and something new. Bringing back that old school feel we all love and miss! He is soulful, heartfelt and sings with the passion.


MarKkii Notes fell in love with different styles of music at a young age. As a producer/singer/songwriter, he brings his own definition to music.

Hailing from humble beginnings, at the age of 16, MarKkii left home with nothing but a dream to become a legendary performer, and the clothes on his back. “This is where the journey began for me,” recalls MarKkii, “the road to...

30 Apr 2012


Acklee Davis
Biography:  Acklee is a native of Jacksonville, FL. The largest city in the USA in terms of land sq ft. The city is developing as we speak. I translate this analogy to Acklee. He is developing and growing as an emerging artist.

Acklee is connecting with fans domestically and internationally from Tokyo, Germany, England, Zimbabwe, and Canada. Acklee was voted Best Song of the Day on Garageband and BeatPros. Also Acklee was recently ranked as high as 120 out 61,000 songs on Soundclick's R&B charts. Acklee has also received praise and encouragement from Gospo Centric scouts and a former American Idol judge.

Acklee currently resides in ATL, GA. where is working on dual singles "Check my Heart" and "Make it Work". His motto is...

30 Apr 2012


Ari Hofman, singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar, keyboards and piano, Gerard Willemstein, bass guitar, keyboards and piano and Rinus Willemstein, electric guitar, bass guitar and sound engineering form the band Hofman & Company.

They are three very talented and experienced artists you’re sure to hear from in the near future. The guys formed a band called The Alley Cats in the Seventies and played together until ’85. After that they gone their separate ways and never stopped making music. At the end of 2007 they met again and decided to get back together again and this has worked out very well. They found new inspiration and wrote and recorded lots of songs and released 3 albums until now and the next one will be released...

28 Apr 2012


From a young age on music has been my inspiration, my passion, my first love.

At the age of fourteen I started writing and composing my own songs. With hard-earned money I build my own studio in which I could spend weeks working non-stop on my own productions. I am fortunate I could spend my childhood with music.

For a half year I studied at a Dutch academy of music, but the
theoretical approach of composing and arranging just didn't inspire me. I wanted to do my own thing and create my own vibe. I continued to compose, write, sing and produce my own songs. Using pseudonyms I produced for several labels.

Through the years my style developed and reflected more of me:
softly, congenial, driven by emotions. My songs are mostly inspired...

16 Apr 2012

TOBIAS has a great sound and love his attitude, Hoping to get signed like most new artist. His bio state's  that if that do's not happen then he is fine with it, Tobias has achieved more on his own then he ever dreamed of.

Like most of the artist that are highlighted here, They have a few song for the fans to play.

Let get over to there website and see if he will become one of your favorites.