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19 Jul 2012

Joe Calderone, award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist, offers a diverse blend of rock, soft rock and adult contemporary in his collection of songs.

Bio: Joe Calderone, a native New Yorker presently living in Connecticut, has been writing and performing music for over thirty years.

As a self-schooled singer-songwriter Joe has had the opportunity to perform at various clubs and venues including four shows at the legendary CBGB's in New York City.

Joe won an Honor Award in the Great American Song Contest for his song, The Days of Loving You, and is a 5-time winner in the American Song Festival. In addition, THE BANG SONG was...

12 Jul 2012

Singer/Songwritter that writes and performs all his music and all insturments/vocals Influenced by The Beatles, Bob dylan and Neil Young. Simple and relevent.

Bio: 30 non stop years of club gigs totaling over 4000 paid stage hours. I have performed with, Jon Andersen ( yes), america, The Pointer Sisters,Lee Oscar, Cannibal And The Headhunters , Gloria Loring, Johnny Rivers, Donny Brooks and more!!!

Terry Copley - Songwriter / Musician. A.S.C.A.P.
2007 Grammy ballot nominee

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2007 Jazz Grammy award nominee list for Jazz/Fusion with...

11 Jul 2012
Description: The Vinyl Plane is a rock band; five talented musicians with a distinct “throwback” sound. Some call it southern fried blues?rock, with a dash of Neil Young, a slice of Humble Pie, a sniff of Joe Walsh, some cargo from the Drive?By Truckers and benea

Bio: Dave Seubert is the singer and harmonica player. Dave played in acoustic and electric bands in college and enjoyed it so much; he left school to pursue a career in music. He was in a band called “Unmarked” when Keith’s brother Sean introduced him to Keith Obenauer in September of 2006. Unmarked was falling apart and Keith had some great songs Dave...

09 Jul 2012

2nd Life’s, music on the album “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” explains a journey through life and with deep emotions and experience are reflected in each song. 2ndLife rides strong on the international radio airwaves.Pop, Modern African Rock

02 Jul 2012
Description: Gritty, addictive songs about people and the many different roles we all play in each other's lives.


Phil common — Born in NYC to a union leader and Juilliard graduate phil was steeped in music and the fight to understand people and the problems that we face.

At a young age phil began to write music and songs, his first ideas were centered on the concept that almost everything about life is the same for all things and that the differences are only a tiny part of the world we share. This philosophy he called commonhaüs.

Now on a solo project, phil has found his voice with a new freedom, creating music from his...

01 Jul 2012


Cor Menten (lead vocals/songwriter/synths), Ludo Caanen (keys/synths/backing vocals), Damian Jans (drums/sampler/backing vocals) and Stefan Knarren (bass/synths/backing vocals), form the cross-over rock-electric band SonA.

After playing in different bands and being involved in various projects, four friends crossed paths again in 2008, this time for good. Four different backgrounds and experiences, but most important, four different music-styles joined into one! By mixing elements of progressive pop/rock, dance, close-harmony and classical music, their distinctive sound emerged. SonA was born!

29 Jun 2012
Rebecca Watkins began playing guitar at the age of 15. Along with the goal of being a singer, her guitar playing added an advantage that few realize. She is now a talent to contend with in this industry.

Rebecca Watkins is proud to announce the release of her debut single “I’ll Be Gone”. This song has a smooth pop sound with sweet vocals. It also contains a strong presence and performance giving audiences the emotion and the drama necessary to create a hit song. She does just that in this hit single.

Rebecca continues to write songs with hopes to one day soon, accumulate enough to release a full length CD.

You can listen to and/or purchase her song(s) by...

22 Jun 2012
Americana Country Rock. Guitars, fiddle, trombone, singer-songwriter. Whiskeytown meets Felice Brothers

Bio: Maynard moved to New York City from Nashville in 1981 to attend art school. He quickly adjusted into the freaky surroundings of the then delapidated and vibrant New York art scene, and was a painter for well over a decade. Gradually his art became full of words and he found himself simply writing fiction and publishing a couple of xeroxed "zines." He then found himself working at Christies Auction House, and finally in the book department of that glitzy establishment, where he no longer had time to finish his increasingly lengthy...

12 Jun 2012


Jun 12th 2012 at 7:28 AM
World5 - Pop Rock Global


... Bio: WORLD5 is all about music and long lasting friendships from around the world.....literally.
World5 coalesced around the idea that music can transcend distance.The five members had all played together in various bands in the U.S. and Europe.But that was then.Today, they live on three difference continents spanning 19 time zones from the U.S. to Australia.

Yet distance was no barrier to their creativity and shared sense of musical purpose. Thanks to the power of home digital recording, each member recorded his part in the comfort of his own home.Sure, it eliminated the intimacy of...

02 Jun 2012


Lee-Leet is the artistic name made up by the Polish independent singer-songwriter-composer who plays the piano, produces and publishes her own music. She assumed the name Lee-Leet inspired by the mythical Lady Demon, Lilith (both are pronounced the same in Polish).

In 2009, Lee-Leet recorded and self-released her debut album, “State of Emergency” and took it to just one radio station: the cult Channel 3 of the Polish Radio, a trendsetting station that brought up generations of music lovers in Poland. It got played and Lee-Leet started receiving messages from her first fans congratulating her on the album. The listeners' interest led to more airplay both in Poland and internationally.

In the spring of 2011, Lee-Leet released...