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Alton Miller & The Alton Country Band
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19 Jun 2012

A collective of hip hop artists based in Texas, but with members from all over the US and Canada. Sounds like a good mix of old school and new school rap, familiar and well written, yet marketable.


Press Release: Alive Since Forever (aka ASF) began their musical journey in 2009 with members Kevin Abstract and Jalen Jones. Over the years, they have had artists join their group such as Sage, MiC Kurb and others. These members are spread all over the United States and Canada and even though they are a completely...

18 Jun 2012
Underground Rap, but a radio type format style. Rough lyrics with creative content to listen to.

MAY 24, 2012

“Paying Due’s”, the long awaited debut CD set for release June 9, 2012! Country Boy had a choice to make when he was in the 6th grade. In order to get out of football, he went into band without an idea as where it would lead him. It was a step that he is glad he took. That is when it all began for Country Boy (aka Jeremy Hill). He knew one of the groups’ members who he sat by in band (Ez Monie). Later meeting another member in high school who promise to record songs with after high school...

14 Jun 2012

Bio: Whats up y'all, I am rap artist T.P.T.(Trials.Pain.Tribulation.) I'm 24 with a lot of skills. I have 300+ tracks 33+ finished albums with more in the making. I can make beats and have made 120+ beats. I am a solo artist but i do some projects with local and worldwide artist and producers. I've released 3 music videos which are doing well on YouTube and other websites around the web. I am bringing something new to the industry of rap music. I am open for any upcoming tours, collaborations,interviews (both radio and print), and web shows. Check me out and enjoy!


11 Jun 2012
Jesse Lives has been hailed as one of the most underrated artists in his region, with a witty yet well timed sense of word play.

Bio: If JESSELIVES is any indication of what's to come, there’s a great chance that music will finally see an artist with the confidence to be what many rappers are afraid of: “himself”. JESSELIVES personifies the meaning of inspired music, with an electric stage presence to match. It's rare that an artist can take you on an emotional journey with such insight. JESSELIVES believes that the message in music is what inspires true fans. This is evident in his confident, yet intuitive talent for writing, which captivates his fans whether he's on the stage or infiltrating an...

06 Jun 2012
BRICKBOY ENT is family owned music label thats is taking their music too the next level these 4 young males have a lot to offer the music business you will for surely see this group on the rise in short coming future their music is spice with asout

Bio: Brickboyz Ent. was started in the redball housing projects in gulfport Ms in 2005 the brickboyz 4 young males consisting of artists Jeremy lee stage-name ‘lil ton’Nicholas lee stage-name ‘Slim G Byron Washington stage-name ‘double b’ and James Johnson stage-name ‘money’ started rapping on the street corners of redball Donnell Redmond farther of lil ton and slim and cousin to double b and J Money begin to fund the group music booking...

04 Jun 2012
Description: a new are of rap combining english and spanish in a way that can be understood from booth sides bringing reality to the music world..not no waterdown music simply real capturing every angle in life. this is music that everyone can enjoy...good music.

Bio: Huitzilopochtli, also known as Weaz, Born in Nayarit, Mexico in the small town of Tecuala. Came to America in 1985 to Seattle, Washington. Where the journey begins in the land of opportunities. grew up in the Holly park neighborhood housing in the South Side of Seattle, where drugs, gangs, and poverty were a common thing, Weaz quickly adapted to the life style. At a young age Weaz picked up rapping (freestyle) while drinking and hanging...

29 May 2012
he is talking about real life not money cars he is talking about his real life experiences

Bio: Tha Wintha aka Daniel Winther out of Norway, you might know him as the new story teller through rap on the scene yet when it is all said and done he might be the next diamond in a rough. Wintha style is his flow plus delivery that listeners will learn to enjoy due to the unique style and realness. Only 19 years of age Daniel aka Tha Wintha started his journey of rhyming four years ago at the age of 15. In a time of age where most artists are inspired by money and material things, Tha Wintha's goal is giving listeners music to make them feel good. "Knowing that there is a lot of people who go through the same...

25 May 2012
Bio: Hi DollaHoney Native of Port Arthur Texas, lived in and has family in the Golden Triangle (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange TX) Honey is her government name but HiDolla is her name as an artist. Based on the fact she was raised in a non supportive household, at 16 she moved out and started supporting herself. 17-23 she was in a very abusive relationship with her baby daddy of 2 but that didnt stop her drive because in the late 2006 she moved to Houston and began working and recording with Mike/Cory Mo of Mad Studios. Hi Dolla Honey hired Mr. Cross to help her get her plans in order as she opened her own label, Hi Dolla Muzik LLC in 2007. In 2008-09, Hi DollaHoney worked on projects such as, "Anonymous Ballin",...

20 May 2012

omega 6 has a rich sound to it its clear proffessional production with good lyrics and good arrangement.its a grade a sound from a very talented new artist it gets a thumb up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minting A Perfect Mix With “I Wanna B Famous”
Omega 6 teams with Rich Madoff and Money Makas in latest single.

Omega 6 HOUSTON, TEXAS (03/20/2012) – So what if we’re still in the “Great Recession.” That doesn’t matter to Omega 6 - because he has teamed up with Rich Madoff and Money Makas. This trio has one thing in mind – minting a perfect mix. Omega 6 just might get famous, and his latest single, “I Wanna B Famous” is another prophetic step in that direction.

For this Houston-based artist, melting down almost every...

14 May 2012

Using the mainstream sound with a twist

For more information on Blest please visit

With a distinct style and voice Blest has steadily become one of the Southwest’s most talented artists with the potential to be a star on the rise. Constantly growing, many musical influences contribute to the always evolving style ranging from Tupac to Slipknot, Kanye West to IIO. Using his passion for music and the constant hunger to be heard, Blest has been on the path to join rap’s elite. Throughout the years Blest released several underground albums and demos, but not till he released the remake of What I Say did he start making a name for himself. Selling over 2,000 units and selling over 4,000...