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19 Apr 2012

Hank  Grant is a unsigned artist that has done amazing things with hes music, He has had alot of trial and yet allways came back to his love of music.

His Mother was a big influence on his ability to learn the love of music by buying a organ and then performing for family and friends,  Latter he started performing at school events.

Hank has some music for his fans: Go to

My radio station

11 Apr 2012

The Denotes are from Aarhus, Denmark. They are going to school and doing home recordings at the same time.  The song Roll, Roll, Roll is one of my favorite of there songs.  The Denotes writes and produces there own songs, I do think we will see more of this group in the years to come. They have music on there facebook page for there fans to play, Go there today and support this band.

05 Apr 2012

Redshirt Theory is doing amazing things with Music, Doing there own style and getting a large following. They are a rock/dance hybrid featuring catchy rock vocals, some gritty guitars, groovy dance beats and synths.

Tv credits are L.A. Forensics, Discovery Channel's Roller Girlz Documentary just to name a few.  Aaron Jones (Redshirt Theory)  has been featured in over twenty games for the Wii, Xbox360, and PS3 consoles.

If you want some new style of music that will get you moving with the grove then go to there website, They have some free music down-loads for there fans.


02 Apr 2012
Rose is from Vancouver, Canada.
This artist has been on several tv shows, One example is
Dawson's Creek.
According to her bio, she has been on television commercials as a singer and also a performer.
The song Fall Into You is being played on the radio at this time.
If You are into country music then this artist will become one of your favorites.
Go to here website on Myspace. She has 5 songs for here fans to play/buy.

30 Mar 2012

Melissa Buvall is one of the top 5 demo singers for 2009, 2010. If you want to hear an artist that is on her way up then this is the one for you. Mississippi is the place she grew up and having parents that are in music gave her a advantage. There are some songs and a video on her myspace for the fans, go there today and enjoy a gal that we will hear more about.