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18 May 2012

International Sensation NARIA releases their debut CD "NARIA Opera Pop Supernova"!

NARIA is a female operatic/pop quartet that began in the fall of 2010 with opera singer Katya Tchoubar. It did not take long for other opera talents to join forces with Katya which include Anna Bateman, Michelle Danese and Annaliese Jelilian. The world has embraced this female force with gusto fusing traditional opera with a modern pop sound creating exciting and refreshing music along with a provocative stage presence. This fusion of styles became a phenomena and audiences from all over the world has fallen in love with this hot and hip style. This is a recipe for success and they have taken this notoriety and are running...

07 May 2012


Hella Donna was founded in 2003 in Plauen Germany. After the shortest time, Hella Donna have found much interest and were topics of conversation.

Their English songs, which you can describe as a mixture of Power-Rock and Pop, have placed themselves quickly in regional, national and international web charts and radio charts.

The debut single “Hometown Radio” was released in 2005 and was commercialized by the famous Record-Label “Monopol Records Berlin”. Many radio stations (e.g. Vogtlandradio, R.SA, Bayern3, Radio Zwickau, Radio Zusa und Radio NRW) have taken „Hometown Radio“ into their programs.

In April 2007 the band finally released their first album “Come On”. The singles “Give me some time”,...

04 May 2012


M'lissa was born on January 30th, 1997 in Holland.

When she was 9 years old she recorded her first single.

This single debuted on the 72nd spot in the Single top 100

In 2010 her single "hopefully" has been in the charts for sixteen weeks, #10 was the highest obtained position.

On youtube M'lissa has over 2.800.000 views.

In the club (123) is her new single. This dance record was produced by D4Domino and contains the melody and lyrics of the hit single 1-2-3 from Len Barry.

M'lissa is available for interviews and performances.



05 Apr 2012

Redshirt Theory is doing amazing things with Music, Doing there own style and getting a large following. They are a rock/dance hybrid featuring catchy rock vocals, some gritty guitars, groovy dance beats and synths.

Tv credits are L.A. Forensics, Discovery Channel's Roller Girlz Documentary just to name a few.  Aaron Jones (Redshirt Theory)  has been featured in over twenty games for the Wii, Xbox360, and PS3 consoles.

If you want some new style of music that will get you moving with the grove then go to there website, They have some free music down-loads for there fans.


30 Mar 2012

Rupert Mix has been picked-up by Stream Finder Radio network, go to their site and listen to the best music. They have thousands of stations on that music player.