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11 May 2012


May 10th 2012 at 7:30 PM ·

Murdakkh is by far one of New Jersey’s top artists. His clarity on the microphone has set him apart from his fellow artist. Murdakkh was raised in America but his roots go back to Belize Central America. He learned from young that lyrics alone were not the answer. He has set out to be the main producer on his up and coming album “The warm up”. With an appetite for music Murdakkh is preparing for his six course meal. Right now he is gearing up for his month tour in June of this summer in the state of California. The tour is called “Who’s next to blow”. With all the excitement buzzing around the artist of course the press would find his story intriguing....

10 May 2012

Lexi Street

May 10th 2012 at 9:02 AM ·

Description: The latest single from the Atlanta, Georgia band, Lexi Street. Produced in Downright Studios by Joshua Golden of the band Golden. Biography:


10 May 2012

The Crown Prince of California Soul. Laid back, smooth vocals, lush production, and razor sharp lyrics.

Singer/songwriter/producer TQ hit the music scene in 1998 with a style that made him different than any other R&B singer on the market. A native of Compton, California, his swagger and delivery made some fans regard him with the same appeal as a rapper. In fact, he has been told that he reminds many of a “singing Tupac” with his realistic lyrics in songs that deal with real life issues. Now with more than 15 years in the business to his credit, TQ debuted his latest album Kind of Blue in March 2010 in the U.S. and Canada.

While most R&B artists sing about mainly about love, TQ set himself apart with cutting edge...

09 May 2012


Location: Chicago, IL, united states Description: Biography: Coming from the Midwest, Chicago's very own REKKHAN is emerging from the underground to take over the music industry. Finishing his new album called "REKKTIFY", with the success of his first album called "REKKCOGNIZE" ,letting the people know that good music will shine regardless .. .... REKKHAN is now becoming a force for the masses. From selling tapes from his car, to underground mixtapes, to the majors. And like he says ,"Do what you can , while you can." REKKHAN is somebody to look out for. Also developing screenplays for movies and television, REKKHAN is all over the place ....

08 May 2012

“The Cornfield Mafia first jumped into the country music scene in 2009, with an in-your-face sound that captivated audiences. They bring a down home, country music feel with a southern rock infusion. Driven by the smooth vocals of co-founder and frontman John Suter, The Cornfield Mafia has excelled in putting together a collection of stories in song take the listener from the throws of heartache, to a party on the beaches of Mexico. The Cornfield Mafia is right at home on any stage and any venue. The band of Darrell McClellan on keyboards, Joe Thompson on guitar, Robin James on bass and Monty Scott on drums not only performs on stage, but have a good time doing it, which gets audiences involved and...

07 May 2012


Hella Donna was founded in 2003 in Plauen Germany. After the shortest time, Hella Donna have found much interest and were topics of conversation.

Their English songs, which you can describe as a mixture of Power-Rock and Pop, have placed themselves quickly in regional, national and international web charts and radio charts.

The debut single “Hometown Radio” was released in 2005 and was commercialized by the famous Record-Label “Monopol Records Berlin”. Many radio stations (e.g. Vogtlandradio, R.SA, Bayern3, Radio Zwickau, Radio Zusa und Radio NRW) have taken „Hometown Radio“ into their programs.

In April 2007 the band finally released their first album “Come On”. The singles “Give me some time”,...

06 May 2012

The Louisville, Ky native was lifted to stardom as a contestant on American Idol Season 8. Deanna made it all the way to the Hollywood round and received great reviews from all four judges. After the show’s end, Deanna signed her first record deal with Ocean Records. Her debut album, “Traveler” was released in 2009. Her album is a culmination of her musical journey, which has taken her from her Kentucky roots to Los Angeles to the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has teamed up with producer Padraic Coursey, of Aqua Sounds Studio, and Grammy Award-nominated engineer Marc DeSisto (Melissa Ethridge, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch). The following year Ocean Records released “Live at Aqua Sounds.” Deanna dropped her...

05 May 2012

Always put GOD first no matter what....My music comes from the heart and what I've been thru in life. So with that said I always keep in mind that when the opportunity comes to shine, stand out with a positive attitude and professional behavior.


DJ Soto BIO:

DJ Soto was born August 25, 1984 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He came into the United States at 4 years old to the state of Texas, where his mother was ill with a deadly disease. DJ Soto started off living in Baytown, Texas where his aunt who show him the step's to being a wonderful DJ. In the city of Baytown there was not that many doctor's that could help DJ Soto mother with your health. So he was moved to Houston, Texas where his Grandmother took very...

04 May 2012


M'lissa was born on January 30th, 1997 in Holland.

When she was 9 years old she recorded her first single.

This single debuted on the 72nd spot in the Single top 100

In 2010 her single "hopefully" has been in the charts for sixteen weeks, #10 was the highest obtained position.

On youtube M'lissa has over 2.800.000 views.

In the club (123) is her new single. This dance record was produced by D4Domino and contains the melody and lyrics of the hit single 1-2-3 from Len Barry.

M'lissa is available for interviews and performances.



03 May 2012

Rachel Koller's voice dances on the line between indie rock and cool pop. There's really no one quite like her--this girl is turquoise and rubies in a five and dime store.


Rachel Koller's debut CD "Step Outside" receives outstanding reviews.

Having a hearing problem when Rachel was a youngster did not interfere with her accomplishing her goal as a musician. Not only did it not interfere with her ability to become a songwriter and singer, it enhanced her abilities. As she grew older, she took piano lessons, which she loved alongside her older sister. She was serious and studious and composed her first piano composition in 3rd grade. Writing music delighted her. The ability to transform emotion into music was...