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19 May 2012

I am a solo recording artist that performs and writes Electronic/House music that is viable for the Billboard Top 100 but unique enough to be classified its own genre

Bio: Hello my name is Kristen and I am a singer songwriter from Colorado. My music is about empowering and uplifting people. I am an abuse survivor, and I wrote many of my songs about the abuse I endured and also my struggles with being adopted while trying to maintain a mainstream appeal. Now that I am rehabilitated my mission is to use my music to inspire and help people in the same situation and all people through their struggles in life. My focus is to write music that has a message. I am a survivor and throughout the toughest times in my life...

18 May 2012

International Sensation NARIA releases their debut CD "NARIA Opera Pop Supernova"!

NARIA is a female operatic/pop quartet that began in the fall of 2010 with opera singer Katya Tchoubar. It did not take long for other opera talents to join forces with Katya which include Anna Bateman, Michelle Danese and Annaliese Jelilian. The world has embraced this female force with gusto fusing traditional opera with a modern pop sound creating exciting and refreshing music along with a provocative stage presence. This fusion of styles became a phenomena and audiences from all over the world has fallen in love with this hot and hip style. This is a recipe for success and they have taken this notoriety and are running...

17 May 2012

Chap One & Durban Poison

May 17th 2012 at 4:47 AM · edit this article


The first release from a collaboration between Chap One & Durban Poison. The artistry on display on these 2 amazing tracks is breathtaking, deeply moving and powerful. This music from the one and only is going to be around for a long time folks!



Bio: Chap One (Sam McNulty) was born in Sydney, Australia in 1981. In 1988, at age 7, he traveled with his mother to NYC and was raised in NYC through 1999. He returned to Australia at age 19, traveling back and forth between Melbourne and NYC throughout his life.

Although, Chap One's music clearly has its roots firmly planted in the hip hop genre, he was...

16 May 2012
Date: 04.22.2012
Contact: DeVaughn Skillern

With Stars Rising Fast From The South, California's Music Scene Gets Much Needed Facelift

Equipped with nothing more than a microphone and his college-issued laptop, a Southern California musician named Sanova is a fresh breath of music that may help Los Angeles County regain its hold on the music industry; all while remaining a prominent inspiration to local independent artists. With only the most basic equipment and an impressive amount of know-how, Sanova has independently composed, produced, and released three full-length albums and one music video of such...

15 May 2012

J. Dash is a piano prodigy who performed for the Jacksonville Symphony at age 5. By the time he was 8 years old, this classically trained pianist loved to play Mozart for his family and friends. Throughout his teens, however, he cut his teeth playing in various blues and jazz bands. A rapper, songwriter, producer, mixer & multi-instrumentalist, this Renaissance man also holds a degree in computer science from the University of Florida. "When I come across something I like, I want to learn everything about it and really understand it," Jay says of his diverse musical tastes. The world of hip-hop holds a special place in his heart. "When I was growing up in the South, hip-hop was kind of dangerous. It was...

14 May 2012

Using the mainstream sound with a twist

For more information on Blest please visit

With a distinct style and voice Blest has steadily become one of the Southwest’s most talented artists with the potential to be a star on the rise. Constantly growing, many musical influences contribute to the always evolving style ranging from Tupac to Slipknot, Kanye West to IIO. Using his passion for music and the constant hunger to be heard, Blest has been on the path to join rap’s elite. Throughout the years Blest released several underground albums and demos, but not till he released the remake of What I Say did he start making a name for himself. Selling over 2,000 units and selling over 4,000...

13 May 2012

The sound is as acoustic as it is electric, introspective and dark, lyrical and poetic, original, yet wholly accessible all within the framework of modern rock and pop.

Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Dax began playing guitar when he was nine years old. Taught by a broad range of instructors, he was introduced to numerous styles and techniques, all of which helped him to forge the sound for which he is known for today.

Initially inspired to be only a guitarist, his passions quickly grew and evolved after receiving a 4-track cassette recorder in December of 1994. It was then that he began to see the forest, so to speak. From lush ambient pieces, to recreating a favorite cover, Dax followed his muse ...

12 May 2012

S-Trill Debut CD Available to over 2500 retail stores, as well as! Top download retail and streaming sites like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, Facebook Music Store and more!



Recording artist S-Trill is 23 years of age and was born in Richmond, Virginia. He moved to Newport News, Virginia at the young age of 7 after the untimely death of his father. S-Trill became a talented basketball player with a sure shot future in sports, but he left basketball behind to follow his dream as an artist and entertainer. Inspired by family and friends to pursue his music, he linked up with friend and Producer Clint Easwood, and the rest is history in the making.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: I have many musical...

12 May 2012

Lovon brings an R&B vocal sound to rock. His soaring falsetto surprises and pleases at the same time.

Lovon just had his debut at Lincoln Center in New York City. He is produced by Kevin Johnston and Liz Herrera of The Plan A Project.


12 May 2012

Logan Mize weaves yarn with equal measures elegance (“Sunflowers”) and energy (“I Remember Everything”). Evidence: The Music City resident’s buoyant Nobody in Nashville. Mize’s fiery new collection backs earthy (“Good Life”) and ethereal narratives (“The State of Your Heart”) and with richly detailed storytelling (“Hey Carolina”). At peaks, the 26-year-old balances heartache (“High-N-Dry”) and hope (“Rock and Roll Band”) with insightful wisdom gained through personal experience. “I got married about a year and a half ago,” Mize says. “So, pre-marriage heartbreak songs and post-marriage happy songs are mixed together. I wanted them to have a timeless feel.”

The rapidly...