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11 Jun 2012
Jesse Lives has been hailed as one of the most underrated artists in his region, with a witty yet well timed sense of word play.

Bio: If JESSELIVES is any indication of what's to come, there’s a great chance that music will finally see an artist with the confidence to be what many rappers are afraid of: “himself”. JESSELIVES personifies the meaning of inspired music, with an electric stage presence to match. It's rare that an artist can take you on an emotional journey with such insight. JESSELIVES believes that the message in music is what inspires true fans. This is evident in his confident, yet intuitive talent for writing, which captivates his fans whether he's on the stage or infiltrating an...

09 Jun 2012
Powerful, energetic music that will get deep inside of you along with amazing lyrics won't let you skip this to another track.


PATRON the DepthMC is a lyrical emcee, producer, multi-dimensional self taught pianist, composer and songwriter.

His journey started at the age of 14 when he was doing research at John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, MD – Patron’s hometown. There was no doubt about his talent.

He studied to become a heart surgeon, broke 25 year old University record in hurdling with Olympic level talent, but he left it all behind to follow his passion for music.

The first instrument he fell in love was a saxophone that he became a master while still in school. After leaving the school he...

08 Jun 2012
Description: Thoughtsarizen, dope hip-hop from the underbelly of Huntington Beach. Sure to capture your attention with lyric prose, dope beats and intellectual words.

Bio: Biography

Born in 1981, Thoughts comes from a family of civil servants and hard workers. His father is a world renowned teacher and writer, and his mother is a hardworking nursing supervisor in one of the best hospitals in California. His sister is also accomplished as an ivy league graduate, dog lover, Bass player, and computer programming master. These people along with the love of his life, Angela, his constant companion, and his friends, have formed the man known as Thoughtsarizen. Gaining strength from his cultural heritage...

07 Jun 2012

Gavin White is simply indescribable where ever you play it it fits cause every one needs Love.God is Love .This Music will touch your soul


Healing Music is what we need and thats what the newest release from Rev.Gavin Helps to facilitate

We provide the music to the people from the people that they should hear


Cover Tune Cor1_3D
Cover Tune Cor1_3D
PRLog (Press Release) - Dec 23, 2011 - People all over are falling in love with the Inspirational Contemporary Christian music of Rev.Gavin White.His Newest single "On my own"has a sweet flavor that you can't help but to
keep on going back for more of.released on Entitlement Records and distributed digitally by
Island Def Jam through Tunecor can be found on apple...

06 Jun 2012
BRICKBOY ENT is family owned music label thats is taking their music too the next level these 4 young males have a lot to offer the music business you will for surely see this group on the rise in short coming future their music is spice with asout

Bio: Brickboyz Ent. was started in the redball housing projects in gulfport Ms in 2005 the brickboyz 4 young males consisting of artists Jeremy lee stage-name ‘lil ton’Nicholas lee stage-name ‘Slim G Byron Washington stage-name ‘double b’ and James Johnson stage-name ‘money’ started rapping on the street corners of redball Donnell Redmond farther of lil ton and slim and cousin to double b and J Money begin to fund the group music booking...

05 Jun 2012


Born on the 25th of May 1953 in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands). Erick received his first guitar lesson at the age of 8. He learned a few chords and he soon sang several songs, accompanying himself on guitar. At 12 he performed for the first time at the Open Stage Night of the Christian Lyceum in Alphen aan den Rijn. After this many performances followed, among others the teachers’ cabaret.

On the age of 16 Erick joined the navy and played a.o. in the navy band Hr.Ms. Amsterdam. After his time in the navy the guitar was put on the shelf untill 1986. Together with his brother Luc and a few others, he formed the band “Just a Tryout”. This band performed on a regular basis in the regions of Alphen. During this period...

04 Jun 2012
Description: a new are of rap combining english and spanish in a way that can be understood from booth sides bringing reality to the music world..not no waterdown music simply real capturing every angle in life. this is music that everyone can enjoy...good music.

Bio: Huitzilopochtli, also known as Weaz, Born in Nayarit, Mexico in the small town of Tecuala. Came to America in 1985 to Seattle, Washington. Where the journey begins in the land of opportunities. grew up in the Holly park neighborhood housing in the South Side of Seattle, where drugs, gangs, and poverty were a common thing, Weaz quickly adapted to the life style. At a young age Weaz picked up rapping (freestyle) while drinking and hanging...

03 Jun 2012

I write songs in the moment. The way I feel at the time when I am writing the song.My sound is a pop sound or a adult contempory sound.


I don't have a band. I have won awards five out of five months that I have entered in the Song Of The Year contest. I Love to sing,so I sing how I want my songs to sound, then I take my songs to be demoed in a studio. My inspiration is definitely Kelly Clarkson. I Love her voice and songwriting.


I don't have a band. I am recently in the process of demoing my songs.


I don't have a cd yet, but I am currently starting to demo my songs.


02 Jun 2012


Lee-Leet is the artistic name made up by the Polish independent singer-songwriter-composer who plays the piano, produces and publishes her own music. She assumed the name Lee-Leet inspired by the mythical Lady Demon, Lilith (both are pronounced the same in Polish).

In 2009, Lee-Leet recorded and self-released her debut album, “State of Emergency” and took it to just one radio station: the cult Channel 3 of the Polish Radio, a trendsetting station that brought up generations of music lovers in Poland. It got played and Lee-Leet started receiving messages from her first fans congratulating her on the album. The listeners' interest led to more airplay both in Poland and internationally.

In the spring of 2011, Lee-Leet released...

31 May 2012
Description: Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop.

Bio: Skillfully fusing hip-hop and soul, Traycee Lynn is an engaging artist that moves the crowd to head nods and tears. Philadelphia-based and self described as the hip-hop songstress, Lynn has been writing since she was eight years old. A prodigy on the horizon, at the tender age of 8, Lynn would create hip-hop rhythms and verses while beating rhythms on tables, windows, and walls - a "tomboy hobby" she picked up from her older brother. She would later develop a knack for songwriting through her soprano and alto roles in her hometown church in Harrisburg, PA. After attending Temple University, Lynn stayed in Philadelphia and was mentored and nurtured artisitically by...