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23 Jun 2012
Take one part folk, one part country-roots, one part catchy melody-driven pop, add in some thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics and a heap of artistic spice then slather with smooth yet powerful vocals and voila! You have Collette Savard!


Collette Savard is a multi-instrumentalist whose songs effortlessly blend traditional folk-music instrumentation with a modern pop sensibility. She is a prolific and talented songwriter whose songs have been featured in animation and sketch comedy productions, and were recently featured in a documentary (“We’re Not Broke”) that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this January. Her lyrics are...

22 Jun 2012
Americana Country Rock. Guitars, fiddle, trombone, singer-songwriter. Whiskeytown meets Felice Brothers

Bio: Maynard moved to New York City from Nashville in 1981 to attend art school. He quickly adjusted into the freaky surroundings of the then delapidated and vibrant New York art scene, and was a painter for well over a decade. Gradually his art became full of words and he found himself simply writing fiction and publishing a couple of xeroxed "zines." He then found himself working at Christies Auction House, and finally in the book department of that glitzy establishment, where he no longer had time to finish his increasingly lengthy...

21 Jun 2012
Description: MarKkii Notes is straddling the line of R&B/Rock with 'Love Infatuation' giving listeners something old and something new. Bringing back that old school feel we all love and miss! He is soulful, heartfelt and sings with the passion.


MarKkii Notes fell in love with different styles of music at a young age. As a producer/singer/songwriter, he brings his own definition to music.

Hailing from humble beginnings, at the age of 16, MarKkii left home with nothing but a dream to become a legendary performer, and the clothes on his back. “This is where the journey began for me,” recalls MarKkii, “the road to...

20 Jun 2012
Description: Skeeter … Sweet. Hefty. Hummable. Powerpop.


Welcome to the happy world of Skeeter, East coast powerpop phenoms.

Weaned on an unbalanced diet of Ramones, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, Hüsker Dü, 70?s rock, and maybe just a touch of Rick Springfield, Skeeter writes about normal stuff — things that could happen to you on any given day (e.g.: prison, coma, voodoo, O.D.-ing, spaceships, and so on and so forth).

Consisting of founding member Jason Petrisko (guitar/vox), Austin Faxon (drums) and Mike Doktorski (bass), Skeeter’s mission statement, if there were one, might read something like this: Pen uniquely...

19 Jun 2012

A collective of hip hop artists based in Texas, but with members from all over the US and Canada. Sounds like a good mix of old school and new school rap, familiar and well written, yet marketable.


Press Release: Alive Since Forever (aka ASF) began their musical journey in 2009 with members Kevin Abstract and Jalen Jones. Over the years, they have had artists join their group such as Sage, MiC Kurb and others. These members are spread all over the United States and Canada and even though they are a completely...

18 Jun 2012
Underground Rap, but a radio type format style. Rough lyrics with creative content to listen to.

MAY 24, 2012

“Paying Due’s”, the long awaited debut CD set for release June 9, 2012! Country Boy had a choice to make when he was in the 6th grade. In order to get out of football, he went into band without an idea as where it would lead him. It was a step that he is glad he took. That is when it all began for Country Boy (aka Jeremy Hill). He knew one of the groups’ members who he sat by in band (Ez Monie). Later meeting another member in high school who promise to record songs with after high school...

18 Jun 2012
My Music ranges from pure country to progressive country

Bio: I was born in Heidelberg Germany. My dad was in the military at that time. I have since moved to Texas and have lived here most of my life. I joined the military out of highschool and spent 8 weeks at Fort Dix New Jersey. I then was sent overseas to Germany where I spent 3 years of my tour of duty. I spent the last year of my tour of duty at Fort Sill Oklahoma. I then moved back to Texas. I spent about a year in California then decided to move back to my hometown "Mineral Wells. Texas". I now reside in Stephenville Texas. I picked up the guitar about five years ago and have not...

15 Jun 2012
Bio: J. Pasley is a singer, songwriter, and producer with audio engineering and arranging credits from an independently-run label, AVS Entertainment Music, LLC out of DeLand, Florida. AVS Entertainment Music, LLC began operating in 2011. J. Pasley’s music of choice is rich in neo-soul, R&B, and gospel elements that contain an inspirational, soothing, and spiritual component. As a skilled lyricist and excellent raconteur, J. Pasley paints pictures with words that make the music come alive with a heavy dose of sincerity, emotion, and authenticity. The creative music-making process and intense discipline required for undertaking a worthy endeavor stems from previous experience serving in the United...

14 Jun 2012

Bio: Whats up y'all, I am rap artist T.P.T.(Trials.Pain.Tribulation.) I'm 24 with a lot of skills. I have 300+ tracks 33+ finished albums with more in the making. I can make beats and have made 120+ beats. I am a solo artist but i do some projects with local and worldwide artist and producers. I've released 3 music videos which are doing well on YouTube and other websites around the web. I am bringing something new to the industry of rap music. I am open for any upcoming tours, collaborations,interviews (both radio and print), and web shows. Check me out and enjoy!


12 Jun 2012


Jun 12th 2012 at 7:28 AM
World5 - Pop Rock Global


... Bio: WORLD5 is all about music and long lasting friendships from around the world.....literally.
World5 coalesced around the idea that music can transcend distance.The five members had all played together in various bands in the U.S. and Europe.But that was then.Today, they live on three difference continents spanning 19 time zones from the U.S. to Australia.

Yet distance was no barrier to their creativity and shared sense of musical purpose. Thanks to the power of home digital recording, each member recorded his part in the comfort of his own home.Sure, it eliminated the intimacy of...