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29 Jun 2012
Rebecca Watkins began playing guitar at the age of 15. Along with the goal of being a singer, her guitar playing added an advantage that few realize. She is now a talent to contend with in this industry.

Rebecca Watkins is proud to announce the release of her debut single “I’ll Be Gone”. This song has a smooth pop sound with sweet vocals. It also contains a strong presence and performance giving audiences the emotion and the drama necessary to create a hit song. She does just that in this hit single.

Rebecca continues to write songs with hopes to one day soon, accumulate enough to release a full length CD.

You can listen to and/or purchase her song(s) by...

29 Jun 2012
Description: Singer-songwriter Lee Bryant has followed up his debut album with an impressive collection of songs swerving from rock to country with bits of Americana sprinkled throughout. If you like Jackson Browne or Tom Petty you will love this album.

Bio: Lee Bryant has been a fixture of the Tampa Bay area music scene for more than a decade. He has performed with various bands including: The Ditchflowers, Rich Whiteley Band, Earth Bombs Mars and Magnolia Creek. In 2008, Lee decided to pursue songwriting of his own and has since released two solo albums "Good Advice" and "Solstice."

The style could be described as...

27 Jun 2012
Description: Eric Lee songs are the epitome of country music. His songs range from down right foot stompin’, line dancing, full out country to country ballads that make you want to cuddle up close with your loved one.

Bio: Eric Lee debut CD “Southern Redneck” gets rave reviews!

Eric Lee started playing guitar at the age of 13. He grew up listening to bluegrass and had always lived the life of a country boy. At 18, he joined the military where he joined his first band. He has played with several bands on and off over the next few years but decided that solo is the right direction to take. He has recorded with Larry...

26 Jun 2012


The song "Rio" has become famous by the Dutch formation Maywood and was a smash hit in the eightees all over the world.
Maywood revived a few years ago and Inge became the new dark-haired companion of Alice Maywood.

Previously Inge worked as a studio singer. Her voice is heard on various productions.

Alice and Inge made a revival tour in 2010 culminating a performance in front of a packed Sportpaleis in Antwerp.

The new "Rio" is the first solo project of Inge, performing now as INCH.
This new version has become a swinging trendy implementation. The tempo is adapted to 2012 so the song will be also greatly appreciated in the dance scene.

The song is produced by Roel Jongenelen (The Art Company and many other artists). The...

25 Jun 2012
Description: Socially conscious smoothed out R&B vibe, with Rock undertones and a Pop feel appeal


Leemanuel's Official Site
The Meaning Within The Muse

Leemanuel Artist Biography

“When you strip away all of the cool sounds and fancy beats - it's important there's still a song there with a message.” - Leemanuel


What would the soundtrack of your life sound like? What artist would you choose to compose it? You’d surely insist that it have meaning! One artist you may consider for such a task is Leemanuel Hightire. Leemanuel is a singer, songwriter and producer focused on the meaning within the muse. 

Leemanuel’s creative goal is to...

23 Jun 2012
Take one part folk, one part country-roots, one part catchy melody-driven pop, add in some thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics and a heap of artistic spice then slather with smooth yet powerful vocals and voila! You have Collette Savard!


Collette Savard is a multi-instrumentalist whose songs effortlessly blend traditional folk-music instrumentation with a modern pop sensibility. She is a prolific and talented songwriter whose songs have been featured in animation and sketch comedy productions, and were recently featured in a documentary (“We’re Not Broke”) that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this January. Her lyrics are...

22 Jun 2012
Americana Country Rock. Guitars, fiddle, trombone, singer-songwriter. Whiskeytown meets Felice Brothers

Bio: Maynard moved to New York City from Nashville in 1981 to attend art school. He quickly adjusted into the freaky surroundings of the then delapidated and vibrant New York art scene, and was a painter for well over a decade. Gradually his art became full of words and he found himself simply writing fiction and publishing a couple of xeroxed "zines." He then found himself working at Christies Auction House, and finally in the book department of that glitzy establishment, where he no longer had time to finish his increasingly lengthy...

21 Jun 2012
Description: MarKkii Notes is straddling the line of R&B/Rock with 'Love Infatuation' giving listeners something old and something new. Bringing back that old school feel we all love and miss! He is soulful, heartfelt and sings with the passion.


MarKkii Notes fell in love with different styles of music at a young age. As a producer/singer/songwriter, he brings his own definition to music.

Hailing from humble beginnings, at the age of 16, MarKkii left home with nothing but a dream to become a legendary performer, and the clothes on his back. “This is where the journey began for me,” recalls MarKkii, “the road to...

20 Jun 2012
Description: Skeeter … Sweet. Hefty. Hummable. Powerpop.


Welcome to the happy world of Skeeter, East coast powerpop phenoms.

Weaned on an unbalanced diet of Ramones, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, Hüsker Dü, 70?s rock, and maybe just a touch of Rick Springfield, Skeeter writes about normal stuff — things that could happen to you on any given day (e.g.: prison, coma, voodoo, O.D.-ing, spaceships, and so on and so forth).

Consisting of founding member Jason Petrisko (guitar/vox), Austin Faxon (drums) and Mike Doktorski (bass), Skeeter’s mission statement, if there were one, might read something like this: Pen uniquely...

19 Jun 2012

A collective of hip hop artists based in Texas, but with members from all over the US and Canada. Sounds like a good mix of old school and new school rap, familiar and well written, yet marketable.


Press Release: Alive Since Forever (aka ASF) began their musical journey in 2009 with members Kevin Abstract and Jalen Jones. Over the years, they have had artists join their group such as Sage, MiC Kurb and others. These members are spread all over the United States and Canada and even though they are a completely...