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Added new link today
Alton Miller & The Alton Country Band
Here is the artist of the day.


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30 Apr 2012


Acklee Davis
Biography:  Acklee is a native of Jacksonville, FL. The largest city in the USA in terms of land sq ft. The city is developing as we speak. I translate this analogy to Acklee. He is developing and growing as an emerging artist.

Acklee is connecting with fans domestically and internationally from Tokyo, Germany, England, Zimbabwe, and Canada. Acklee was voted Best Song of the Day on Garageband and BeatPros. Also Acklee was recently ranked as high as 120 out 61,000 songs on Soundclick's R&B charts. Acklee has also received praise and encouragement from Gospo Centric scouts and a former American Idol judge.

Acklee currently resides in ATL, GA. where is working on dual singles "Check my Heart" and "Make it Work". His motto is...

30 Apr 2012


Ari Hofman, singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar, keyboards and piano, Gerard Willemstein, bass guitar, keyboards and piano and Rinus Willemstein, electric guitar, bass guitar and sound engineering form the band Hofman & Company.

They are three very talented and experienced artists you’re sure to hear from in the near future. The guys formed a band called The Alley Cats in the Seventies and played together until ’85. After that they gone their separate ways and never stopped making music. At the end of 2007 they met again and decided to get back together again and this has worked out very well. They found new inspiration and wrote and recorded lots of songs and released 3 albums until now and the next one will be released...

28 Apr 2012


From a young age on music has been my inspiration, my passion, my first love.

At the age of fourteen I started writing and composing my own songs. With hard-earned money I build my own studio in which I could spend weeks working non-stop on my own productions. I am fortunate I could spend my childhood with music.

For a half year I studied at a Dutch academy of music, but the
theoretical approach of composing and arranging just didn't inspire me. I wanted to do my own thing and create my own vibe. I continued to compose, write, sing and produce my own songs. Using pseudonyms I produced for several labels.

Through the years my style developed and reflected more of me:
softly, congenial, driven by emotions. My songs are mostly inspired...

27 Apr 2012

Just received the song Suddenly, Will start playing song this afternoon on Rupert Mix F.M.

Ella is undoubtedly one of Romania’s fresh pop hits. Born in Bucharest, she had the opportunity of beginning her musical career very early. Both inspired and enchanted by Michael Jackson, she had her first lesson in entertaining while singing to his music and trying to master his enthralling dance routines.

At the age of six, her parents decided that the world had to see their talented child. This is how she ended up touring Europe as the lead singer of Alegretto, a famous Romanian children’s choir.

Her big break came a few years later when her talent as a legitimate pop singer was recognized by several local televised shows. This is how she got...

25 Apr 2012

The All Mighty Whisper's are a 3 piece band.

The members are ALICK LETORT:  Alick play guitars and keyboards. He sings harmony with the group,chief producer as well as co-writer.

STEVE NECCHI: Play's the drums for the group and his style is like that of the 60's music. He can also play guitar. Steve contributes songs for the group.

PETER HILL: Has a degree in Fine Art, Peter co-writes and provides lead vocals for All Mighty Whispers. Peter with his degree brings a unique vision for the group.

When you here this trio, I'm sure they will become part of your music library. Go here for more info:


23 Apr 2012

The band Blue Sky Mission Club is a group that has combined several genres with success, A example is Jass & Pop with great results.

The song How Long is my favorite, They have live streaming of there music for the fans.

How Long will get your attention with the lyrics and will become one of your favorite songs also.

Go to band Blue Sky Mission Club web site to hear there great music.

20 Apr 2012

Today going to focus on Big Richie, He is a very talented musician that writes his own material.

Mr. Richie play alot of cover bands and I am impressed with his voice and the music that he is composing. He plays Country blues.

Go to Big Richie site and play Kill Your Tv. You will enjoy this recording of his.

I wish him the very best.


19 Apr 2012

Hank  Grant is a unsigned artist that has done amazing things with hes music, He has had alot of trial and yet allways came back to his love of music.

His Mother was a big influence on his ability to learn the love of music by buying a organ and then performing for family and friends,  Latter he started performing at school events.

Hank has some music for his fans: Go to

My radio station

16 Apr 2012

TOBIAS has a great sound and love his attitude, Hoping to get signed like most new artist. His bio state's  that if that do's not happen then he is fine with it, Tobias has achieved more on his own then he ever dreamed of.

Like most of the artist that are highlighted here, They have a few song for the fans to play.

Let get over to there website and see if he will become one of your favorites.


16 Apr 2012
Play list changes every day on Rupert Mix F.M. So drop by today and find some new favorites and remember the oldies.